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Please note:

   The products are in s腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果ict accordance with the national standards or indus腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果y standards for manufacturing our website, our catalogue contains very detailed product information, you can by telephone, fax or e-mail, QQ way to the 腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果 company sales department or technical department obtained free of charge.

   Your purchase order or quotation advice can be sent to 腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果's sales department by telephone, fax or email. If you wish to receive an answer that day, please contact us at 8:00 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday. You can also email, QQ or fax to send your order to 腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果's sales department.    If you have any questions or comments about our products or services, we can get a detailed understanding of the relevant pages on the website. If you have other problems such as bearing, service life or special use conditions need to consult, you can email or fax your question is sent to the 腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果 company's sales, technical or quality inspection departments, we will reply as soon as possible.    Thank you for your choice of 腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果

 you can contact us through the following ways,

 will feedback your requirements or suggestions to us:

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The Sales Department:

Export Sales Department

Tel:0769 22503607

Fax:0769 22451907


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    You can also by the way around the 腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果 bearing dealers to consult:


We here certify that NBU BEARINGS PVT. LTD (12 , NARAYAN DHRU CROSS LANE ,3rd FLOOR , OFFICE NO - 25 ,MUMBAI - 400003, INDIA) are the sole importers and Dis腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果ibutors for 腾讯分分彩新奇趣开奖结果 BRAND PILLOW BLOCK & SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARINGS FOR INDIA.